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          What can one say about CalenNotes about from it being just ultra-cool. It's like carrying around a pen and paper organizer...but fits nicely in the palm of your hand! It's useful, unique and original and the price is good too but most of all its practical, just handwrites those notes. by Sammual James McLoughlin, Editor, Palm Addict

          CalenNotes is a neat application. The idea of writing in a calendar instead of graffiti is fabulous. by Seth Goldstein, Palm Addict

          I have been using CalenNotes for about a week now and I have found it extremely easy to use. It is very handy to be able to jot a note down without having to fumble with the keyboard. I found that this makes life much easier. The writing on the screen is smooth, which makes reading it much clearer. The ability to make pages that are larger than the screen of your Palm is very useful. It automatically shrinks down your handwriting so you can fit so much more on one screen. It makes looking up tasks and appointments really easy. There are two counters on each day, which help you keep track of how many tasks and appointments you have, so you'll never miss something you were supposed to do! The interface is very user-friendly. It worked perfectly with my Palm Treo 650. It was also a big plus to see that all of my tasks and appointments were automatically saved to my SD card. I would recommend this to anyone. by Chris Daviau, TreoBits.com

          Pennovate’s CalenNotes is a great program for those who love to manage list notes and/or tasks in their own handwriting script. Whether or not you’re a fan of Palm’s graffiti 1 or 2, this is a great note-taking alternative that allows you to natively input your notes in an intuitive and ingenious way.
          CalenNotes allows users to change the thickness and color of the pen to better suit your handwriting legibility. However, there are several functions that set this application apart from your typical software that caters to free-hand writing. CalenNotes maximizes the screen space on your PDA by allowing easy-to-follow pages that scroll both horizontally and vertically. The screen is split into two halves. The upper half details the overall layout of your inputted content. The lower half resembles a portioned notebook paper that is scrollable upwards, downwards or from side to side. As you scroll along the lower half of the screen that accepts your writing in its normal style and size, the upper half mirrors its movement up and down the overall, lay-out page. My explanation may sound a bit difficult, but the program is remarkably intuitive and very powerful.
          Users can view and review their notes and tasks from a generous monthly view. The monthly view allows users to see in an organized way a snapshot of the number of tasks that need to be followed up or completed in a given day, week or month. You can increment or decrement the counters found in the upper right hand corner as you complete or add new tasks. CalenNotes and its pages can be easily stored in your SD card allowing users to save much needed memory while keeping well-organized, free-hand written notes.
          Pennovate truly allows users to innovate with their pens or styli and place their notes and tasks in an informative fashion that is truly inspired and ingenious. Their great helpful and responsive tech support is icing on the cake! Great job, Pennovate!
          You can find out more about Pennovate and their unique stable of applications here! Drop on by and give the programs a test-drive! You’ll be glad you did! by Kevin Agot, Palm Addict


Pennovate Notes Pro Reviews

          The idea behind Pennovate Notes is brilliant and one sure way to get around the small screens found in all PDAs and Smartphones. Writing notes on a screen is probably the nearest you can get to writing on paper and without doubt a lot quicker than typing or using Graffiti. The problem is that the screen is simply not big enough for decent length notes and thus a solution is required that makes the screen bigger. I tried attaching a TV to my PDA but that did not work and strangely reduced the portability of the device Pennovate have taken a more grown up view and made the playing area a lot bigger. You can write notes on a virtual piece of paper that can be as large as 1080 pixels wide and 1440 pixels high and you also have the option of setting up favourite sizes that you want to use in the future.
           This approach sounds good on paper but it would fail if you had to keep moving the virtual field around to write a few more words. IntelliScroll (great name!) works by playing a faint grey line on the screen and when you write past this line the page jumps to the left giving you more room to write. This takes a bit of getting used to but it works intelligently and if you keep the stylus on the screen past the line it will not jump until you take the stylus away from the screen. I found that after five minutes I was writing away quite happily and it is surprising how quickly you can learn to write quite neatly on a small screen. When I saw the marketing shots for Pennovate Notes I did question how well the text was written but it is possible to produce more than readable results with this application provided you follow this tip-
          There are different nib shapes to choose from and if you want to write freely I would suggest you go for one of the round nibs because the square ones produce very jagged text which looks axful- they are obviously more suited to drawing lines and shapes but there is a selection of shapes available within the application anyway and I personally found these very useful for seating plans at work and web site design planning. Gridlines help a lot and you can choose vertical or horizontal or none- I prefer just the horizontal ones to give that real paper feel.
          The templatize feature is a great touch as well. For example you can make a note with titles and headings and these will stay sticky on that note and cannot be overwritten or removed. Because you can export the finished notes as .bmp files you can also type out a template and use that as a note so meeting notes, action points etc. can all be easily acheived by moving a proper template to your device from your PC. The easiest way I found to do this was by moving a blank note from PN and then adding to it and moving it back with the typed text inserted. This to me is the finest feature of the application and one that you tend to find more in Windows Mobile applications than on Palm OS.
          The interface itself consists of two windows which you can manipulate to either give you a fuller view of what you have written or a larger view of what you are writing. I personally prefer to have a larger writing window than a written one but you may feel differently. It is almost impossible to describe exactly how it works so you will have to try it for yourself. I can say though that it all works and it works very well indeed. It is not overladen with features but does include everything that can aid taking handwritten notes on a PDA.
          Used on a hi-res+ PDA this is a killer application and I was surprised that it works so well on the hi-res Treo screen. Not convinced it would be usable on a lo-res screen but maybe one of you can answer that.
          When you write a note you can also add an alarm to it and this gives it similar functionality to the old Palm Notes application which is sadly missing on the new Treos. Handily it does show the note though in the alarm notification and you can go straight to the note if it is a long one. Notes can be saved in RAM or to an expansion card so you can have as many as you like the set up for folders is simplistic enough for you to build up a whole database of notes. It feels odd at first and with such good keyboards on the Treos many will feel that keys represent the best input method for a Smartphone. I personally feel that keys are best for obvious tasks such as emails and text messages but the more I use Pennovate Notes the more I like it and it is adding a whole new dimension to the way I use my Treo.
          Give it a try for yourself and drop some feedback via the comments link. I am interested to see if you feel the same and would be surprised if not. by Shaun McGill, Founder, PDA247

          I’ve been using the Palm platform of PDA’s for the last 7 years and recently got a Tungsten. All this time, I’ve been looking for a faster way of jotting down notes especially during meetings, conferences and project presentations. The graffiti system of entering text simply can’t keep up with the normal conversational speed of a speaker and that includes using other “word complete” software together with graffiti. So I’ve tried using the built-in Notepad software and obviously that program wasn’t made for heavy-duty note taking given its small size and limited space. I finally found the answer with Pennovate Notes software. It may take a few tries to get familiar with the interace but once learned using it is pretty straightforward. It’s faster for note taking and allows a much bigger space to write and even draw diagrams. The total writing space is slightly larger than a bond paper size sheet of paper so there’s plenty of room for longer notes and even large size drawings or diagrams. For those who enjoy scribbling, sketching, doodling or working sums by long hand Pennovate Notes gives you great space. Since the image is in .bmp format and can be stored in your SD/MMC card, you can easily print the file of your notes on the printer and store it in say a 3-ring binder, much like you would do with your class notes when you were in school.
           An interesting application for Pennovate Notes is the possibility of sharing diagrams or text notes that allow you to write over them using different colors or different line sizes. You can for instance scan a photo, map or text then use the program to make notations over it. So for instance, someone can beam you his or her notes from a class or conference and you can make notations over it much like you would do with a hard copy. Only in this case, you can erase your notations and redo them without touching the underlying graphic.
          I guess the only limitation of Pennovate Notes (which is not its fault) is your penmanship: it won’t change that. So you’ve just got to write legibly. However, as it is, Pennovate Notes is great software that improves data entry into the PDA where speed, and therefore accuracy, is the key requirement. by Robert Roque, University Center Foundation, Inc.

          Leave the paper behind and scribble notes right on your PDA! Pennovate Notes is a new note-taking application for those who want the freedom of handwriting without the hassle of carrying a pad of paper.
          What's fabulous about Pennovate Notes is that it works with your sd card. You can run it totally from the card or you can run it from RAM but save to your card. This makes it very flexible. It's wonderful to save your notes to the memory card, because with Pennovate Notes, you will have lots of notes to save! Where on the sd card will you find your notes?
          Unlike some apps with a default that can't be changed, you can set Pennovate Notes to save into any folder on your sd card, or create a new folder from within the program!
          Pennovate Notes gives you more space to write on. You are not limited to the width of the screen (like you are in most notes programs). You can keep on writing, while scrolling right with a click of the side button. Another click of the volume rocker, and you drop down to the next line. There's loads of space to write in all directions. You can also choose the size of your note: 540 x 720, 600 x900, 850 x 100, or 1080 x 1440. Did I mention it was flexible? You can customize a size anywhere in between the minimum of 480 pixels for both height and width, and 1080 width, 1440 height.
          Have a problem judging space on that small screen? Are you writing one word across the entire screen? Pennovate Notes helps by offering you assorted writing backgrounds. There's a traditional lined tablet look, columns, and even graph "paper." I love the versatility of this app! You can take notes, doodle, or if you are artistically inclined, create artwork with the different pen sizes and all the available colors. Filled and empty shapes are also available.
          Your screen is divided into 2 parts. The bottom area, where you do your writing, and the top, which gives you a view of your document. You can also use this top area to drag the little blue box to instantly move you to any point in your note (at the bottom).
          Pennovate Notes saves your notes in .bmp format, and you can beam, email, or Bluetooth the bmp files to any device. You can send your notes to someone with Pennovate Notes so that they can modify your notes, or to someone without Pennovate Notes strictly for viewing.
          Feature rich, this is definitely the program to have if you like to write with your stylus in addition to your keyboard. by Alli Flowers, mytreo.net

          Pennovate Notes is a great Palm program that lets you use your PalmOS device as a notepad, and it manages the screen very cleverly. You get to see where you are on the full page of paper, and can navigate around naturally. Even change pen types with some quick taps, so you don't lose your train of thought.
          I used it the other day to take notes on an article I was reviewing, so I could make some comments. I needed to keep track of my thoughts, and Pennovate Notes was a great way to do it paperless.
          The Palm hardware will need to improve a little bit before it's as natural as using pen and paper, but hey, this is as good as it gets. And it works great. If you are looking for a premium quality paper notebook-like solution for PalmOS, be sure to give it a try. by Bob Russell, mobileread.com

          Pennovate Notes allows you to write on your PalmOS device screen like you would use a paper notepad. It's rather luxurious in it's features. Not only can you manage your resulting note files easily, and control the type of line you draw, but there is help to compensate for that tiny little screen on your handheld.
          What you get is a customizable split screen display that shows both the active portion you are writing on, and another window that let you navigate the virtual page of paper. That's the key to making the note taking work on your handheld screen. The virtual page is much bigger than the screen size and Pennovate Notes lets you navigate around that page easily. It's a great combination, and a very well exectued program.
          And I have been delighted to discover that with the Treo 700p, the responsiveness and accuracy is better than ever.
          I highly recommend this program as a very basic tool for every PalmOS user. You can test drive it to see if it is a good fit for you and your specific device with the free 15-day trial version. by Bob Russell, mobileread.com

          I have tried quite a number of Notepad replacements over the last couple of years - this (Pennovate Notes) blows away anything else I have tried. It solves the biggest hurdle - ease of movement around a page bigger than the Palm screen without losing your place; it really is remarkable easy to work on a 10" by 7" area and navigate around your work, making it possible to draw mind maps, flow charts, and make larger sets of notes than Notepad allows (and export them for PC viewing or printing). I am going to use this for taking notes in meetings and at presentations - it has instantly become one of my essential apps. Great stuff. by David Smith, PalmGear

          We love the future. Why? It allows us to laugh at the past. I am not talking about afros and bell-bottoms. Those are pre-historic. No... I am talking about "Hammer" pants, the Fugees, Goldberg. Point is, even recent history seems so far away in these technologically driven times.
          It wasn't too long ago that a well-kept, responsible looking portfolio made the man. Power black for the power players on Wall Street. Now, a good PDA or smartphone is the right trapping of success.
          Ah... yes, those were the years. A good paper planner almost always had coffee stains as a mark of all those business meetings at Starbucks. We became adept at balancing (while writing on) binders in one hand while balancing lattes with the other. Then Palm destroyed it for us all.
          I admit, I still long to write sometimes. I am quick to admit that I have steadfastly refused to learn the latest installment of Grafitti. I still yearn to use my PDA as a bona fide writing pad. Notepad just doesn't do it for me.
          When I heard about Pennovate™ Notes from Pennovate, it was indirectly from a friend, Antoine from MMM. I decided to try it out.
          Pennovate Notes is a great note-taking program.
          As a preface, this software claims to simplify the PDA process. I found out it did this in a very satisfactory manner. It is more than your basic, run-of-the-mill jot pad. On some programs I have used in the past, it is hard for me to judge space. Pennovate Notes solves this by using a nifty panning utility. This scrolling function can be accessed with the stylus, D-pad or hard buttons. The "note" itself can be customized from the default (where it looks like a familiar note card with horizontal lines) to vertical lines or both. Or, you can have a "blank" sheet with no lines at all.
The"pen" color is customizable as well. Pick a favorite, or create your own shade.
          The writing action was truly inspired. As you write in the writing area, it shows the space in a bigger form, kind of like an intuitive picture within a picture.
          I also was a big fan of the "templatize" feature, which allows you to create a template from a note. This is good if you you do the type of work I do, which demands thatI make numerous notes on the same topic that usually differ in actual content.
          When saved to SD card, these notes are viewable on a PC with the help of a card reader. The notes can also be shared via BT and IR (it also is supposed to do this via email, though I didn't try this).
          As for CalenNotes™, think even bigger. Think of a portable, "writeable" calendar, with the Notes as the centerpiece. Have an idea for April 1st that you just have to jot down? Simply go to the calendar, tap on the day, and a note pops up for you to write on. This is then saved to that day.
          I used Notes at service, to making notes during a soccer game I coached this past weekend, and to list meeting minutes at work. I came away mighty impressed!
          This is a and ultra-useful app for any PDA owner. The Pennovate team was very courteous and helpful. Check out more on these programs at the Pennovate site. Even our Sammy gave Notes his own stamp of approval.
Both programs were tested on a T5. by Tre Lawrence, Palm Addict

          Hace tiempo que intento llevar una política de cero papel, nada de bolígrafo ni de lápiz y mucho menos de papel. El problema de los papeles es que siempre se acaban perdiendo y cuando necesitas escribir algo uno nunca encuentra ni con que escribirlo ni donde anotarlo. Así que mi Treo esta destinada a cubrir esas necesidades y muchas más.
          Durante largo tiempo estaba buscando alguna aplicación que me permitiera escribir y pintar sin limites y la encontré en Pennovate Notes, ahora el limites que tengo para escribir y pintar dibujos se encuentra mucho mas lejos que la mayoría de los programas que encuentro en el mercado.
          Ahora cuando llego a las reuniones de trabajo simplemente enciendo la Treo y me dedico a apuntar todas las ideas y todo lo que debo recordar. La gente me mira extrañada, me mira incrédula y alguna que otra risita aparece en su rostro, pero en definitiva yo estoy sacando el máximo partido a la tecnología y siendo ecológico, con la garantía de que todo lo que escribo, todas las notas que he tomado van siempre conmigo en la Treo, sin perder ni una de las ideas o decisiones.
          Volviendo a Pennovate Notes hay que agradecerle el entorno tan sencillo y sobretodo que se integra perfectamente con las teclas de navegación, mientras con una mano manejas el stylus para ir escribiendo con la otra vas navegando para ir desplazando la pagina sin detener en ningún momento la escritura. Todo un lujo.
          Pennovate Notes se adapta a las necesidades de escritura, ya que te permite escoger el tamaño del papel donde vas a escribir e incluso personalizándolo para esos momentos donde lo estándar nunca se adapta a tus necesidades. Además dispones de unas guías que te permiten que tu escritura sea perfectamente recta. Dichas guías se pueden transformar en cuadrículas por si hay que hacer algún gráfico/dibujo.
          Todas esas notas pueden guardarse en la memoria interna o en la tarjeta de expansión e incluso exportarlas a formato BMP para hacerlas compatibles con cualquier editor gráfico o de texto o como me ha pasado a mi, enviarlas directamente por fax, como si de un escrito a mano se tratase ;)
          Pennovate Notes es una completa utilidad indispensable para expandir nuestras ideas. [English] by Alex Bergonzini, Palm Addict


Feedbacks Regarding Pennovate Software


best note taking app i have seen so far for the palm

I would like to congratulate you on a fine program. It is truly what I've been looking for for YEARS...

It's been a very handy piece of software for me

I recently downloaded Pennovate Notes and think it's an amazing program. Thanks again for producing such an amazing program.

This is a GREAT piece of software - I'm taking notes like I never thought possible on my Palm thanks to you guys.

I am so impressed with the quality of this product

IT (Pennovate Notes) IS FANTASTIC

I find Pennovate (Notes) very useful, and very well written / polished.

the "Panwrite" feature is fantastic

Great program, well thought out.

Thank you so much for creating such an excellent product.

I love using the Pennovate Notes

Love your Notes app, pretty much exactly what I was looking for a note taking application...

I bought your program today and it is fantastic. You guys did a great job.

This is a great program and I'd like to use it immediately.

I decided to register to show my support for a wonderful, and innovative product. Keep up the good work.

I use your software to take notes for class. It's a really great program

I think you've got a neat piece of software

Hey folks - I am currently a registered user of Pennovate - I am thrilled with it and have been singing its praises to all PalmOS users I know and associate with.

Your software is wonderful.

I recently downloaded Pennovate Notes and think it's an amazing program.

Great program (Pennovate Notes) and very unique.

I love Notes, I've been looking for something for a long time.

I have purchased your Software, and I find it very useful. I wanted to thank you. ...this is the easiest note taking program I have found.

You have a brilliant scroll feature

I'm very impressed by your product

Congratulations on improving your unique and creative product!

Just thought I'd send a quick note to let you know I think your product is great! It really does replace paper notes quite well, and the new version allows for quicker writing (especially using the voice record button on the Tungsten T3).

I think its very well done and I am considering using it for my teaching

Congratulations on a good looking product.

Pennovate Notes is amazing!!!

I am very pleased with the way pennovate works

I just wanted to say that with Pennovate (Notes) that you have the makings of a great application for the PalmOS platform.



"Thank you all for the very kind words!  We truly appreciate all your support and generosity!" - Pennovate Team



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