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Did Not Receive the User Manual with Your Download?
Get the CalenNotes and Pennovate Notes Pro Combined User Manual here.

Haven't Received Your Product Key?
If you did not submit your HotSync ID at the time of purchase, you must check your purchase receipt from the vendor who you had purchased your license from for information on where you can go to submit your HotSync ID after purchasing. If you have already submitted a HotSync ID but have not yet received your Product Key, you might have a spam blocker that is blocking our attempt to email you your key. If you use a spam blocker, please make sure that you allow email from pennovate.com or else we will not be able to send you your Product Key.

Not Getting Ink When You Write?
Make sure you don't have an other third party software installed that is not allowing Pennovate™ Notes and/or CalenNotes™ to receive the pen points to generate ink. Finally, some of our users reported that having the wireless keyboard application enabled will cause Pennovate™ Notes and CalenNotes™ to not generate ink, so please make sure you disable the wireless keyboard application when using Pennovate™ Notes or CalenNotes™ if you are having this problem. Inking issues with the Palm Wireless Keyboard application installed and enabled have been resolved in the latest download, so make sure you have the latest download installed and you will no longer need to disable the wireless keyboard application before using Pennovate Notes and/or CalenNotes™.

How to Transfer Your Notes to Your PC for Viewing, Printing, etc.?
Pennovate™ Notes Pro and CalenNotes™ allow you to work straight from and save your notes directly onto an expansion memory card. You can organize your notes into folders/directories within the memory card just like how you would do it on your PC. You can then use a card reader that is connected to your PC to access your notes on the memory card for viewing, printing, copying, editing, etc.

Can't Locate the Program on Your Device Once You've Installed It on Your Device?
Make sure that you've set the current category for your Application Launcher to "All". Then look for a program named "pNotes" if you've installed Pennovate Notes and look for an application named "CalenNotes" if you've installed CalenNotes.


Top Tips & Tricks For Pennovate™ Notes Pro and CalenNotes™

Keep files and folders synchronized between your PC and your expansion memory card! Learn more about Microsoft Briefcase and/or SyncToy for Microsoft Windows XP.

Open the menus to get to more options! Tapping on the top-left title bar on many of the forms, e.g. List view and Writing view, will open the menu for you to access additional features and options. Additionally, some forms will have a circular "i" button located on the top-right corner. Tapping this button will give you more information about the current form.

PanWrite®! Whenever you are in the process of writing and need more room, pressing a PanWrite enabled hardware button and holding it down will allow you to instantly pan/drag the page to get to more writing space. Once sufficient room is obtained, release the button and continue writing.

Experiment! Although hardbuttons are customizable, because every model is different, experiment with the hardware buttons to see what does what and which hardbuttons are PanWrite enabled. For instance, you can PanWrite with most of the Treo 650's keyboard keys as well as the side thumb buttons on most devices that have them, i.e. Tungsten T3, LifeDrive, Treo 650. Again, some and not all hardware buttons are customizable.

Powering off. To quickly power off while in the writing view without using the hardware power button, open up the menu bar and select "Turn Device Off". Note for Treo 650 users, a quick way to turn off the device while in the writing view is to hit the "Menu" hardbutton, then "Up" once on the 5-way navigator, and then the "Center" button of the 5-way navigator.

Templatize™! Instantly turn a note into a template. Once a note is Templatized you can clear or erase the note without effecting the writing before you Templatize. Want to regain access to the writing before you Templatize? No problem, you can Un-Templatize as quickly as you Templatize. Access Templatize through the writing view menu. Note that when a note is Templatized, a red lock is displayed within the tool box.

Save As... While in the "Save As" view, tapping on another note's name within a list will instantly change the "Save As" name to the selected note's name. Therefore it'll be faster to save a note with the name "ChemistryLecturePage2" by selecting "ChemistryLecturePage1" and changing the "1" to "2" than to enter in the entire name "ChemistryLecturePage2" character by character for example. This can similarly be applied when creating a new folder with the "Create New Folder" option.

Quickly jump to the previous or next note. While in the Writing view, use the left and right 5-way navigation buttons and scroll pass the left or right boundaries of the current note to respectively jump to the previous or next note within "Handheld" or the current working folder on the expansion memory card.

Pop the memory card in and use your PC's "Search" feature to view all of your notes at once! Most PC's will have a search feature that will allow you to search for files by "type" or "criteria". You can use it when you want to view more than one folder worth of notes. For instance, with notes taken by CalenNotes, if you want to view all of your notes within the year 2005, just search for files with the extension ".bmp" and minimize the search to only the "2005" folder.

Activate enhanced panning tool quickly! Double-tapping on the leftmost color icon will change the tool to the enhanced panning tool.

Activate eraser tool quickly! Double-tapping on the rightmost color icon will change the tool to the eraser tool.

Return to pen tool quickly! Tapping on any of the color icons will switch back to the last pen tool with the chosen color activated except for when using square, circle or line tool.

Continue that pen stroke everywhere! When you initialize your pen stroke inside the writing area, you can continue inputting ink anywhere on the entire screen.

Reorganize your Handheld notes. While in the list view and accessing the Handheld notes, you can rearrange the notes by selecting them and dragging them up and down within the list.

PanWrite® enabled buttons. Not only can you use the PanWrite enabled buttons to pan while in the process of writing, you can also use them to quickly pan the page within the top window while in the writing view.

Navigate with the view box! While in the writing view, quickly move around by directly dragging the view box within the top window. You can even use the view box to scroll the page within the bottom window.

Navigate with the 5-way buttons! While in the writing view, move the view box around by using the 5-way navigator buttons. Press the center button to perform a "return" to the beginning of the next available line.

Semi-auto saving notes. Conforming better to handheld computing methodologies, notes will automatically be saved when switching to another application or exiting to the Application Launcher from the writing view. A "Do you want to save changes?" dialog will only appear when you close the form from within the writing view to return back to the list view. Additionally, switching to another application and then back will return you to the last opened note and position you at the last location within the note.

Create and use folders frequently! Instead of just having a long list of notes, gain more efficiency by organizing your notes into folders.

Draw bigger objects. PanWrite with the square, circle, or line tool to draw objects that are bigger than bottom view window.

Print. Sometimes printing instead of cursive writing can improve readability.

"Delete Old." Checking the 'Delete Old' check box before a successful "Save As" will delete the old note before saving it as a new note. For instance, if you want to save a current note named 'Untitled1' as 'Untitled2' but would also like to delete 'Untitled1' in the process, have the 'Delete Old' box checked before saving as 'Untitled2'. After a successful save, you will be returned to working on the new note. Essentially, checking the 'Delete Old' check box is similar to a "Move file" whereas not checking the box is similar to a "Copy file". Note: Saving a note by overwriting itself with the same name and having the 'Delete Old' box checked will have the same result as not having the box checked before hitting 'Save'.

Tap on (i) for more info. Some screens have an "i" on the top right corner. Tapping this "i" will give you more info about the current form.



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