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Pennovate™ Notes Version History

01/15/2006 - 3.0.0 Initial release of version 3.0 featuring Anywhere Alarms™.

08/21/2006 - 2.5.0 Minor GUI facelift. Added IntelliScroll™ scroll feature. Added ability to change and loop window sizes within Writing view by consecutively pressing up on 5-way navigator while already positioned at top of page. Added 3 gridline height and width to choose from: College, Wide, and Super. Added "Palette" dialog for selecting pen color. Newly created notes will now have the creation "date and time" as initial filenames instead of "Untitled". Improved inking.

06/21/2006 - 2.4.5 Added full support for Palm Treo 700p side buttons. Added support for Palm Treo keyguard feature. Improved 5-way navigation.

03/13/2006 - 2.4.4 Fixed inking issues with Palm wireless keyboard application installed and enabled, therefore you no longer need to disable the wireless keyboard application before using Pennovate Notes.

03/04/2006 - 2.4.3 Support added for HotSync IDs having non-standard keyboard characters e.g. ®, ©, ™, etc. for compatibility, however it is recommended that you stick to using standard keyboard characters for your HotSync IDs. Menu shortcut character "U" added for 'Undo Last' and menu shortcut character "P" assigned to Un-Templatize™ within Writing view.

02/27/2006 - 2.4.2 Non-critical Update. New registration scheme requiring HotSync ID. Previous Pennovate Notes v2.x Product Key should continue to work.

02/01/2006 - 2.4.1 Fixed some instances where upon returning to the Writing view, screen will fail to refresh properly.

01/09/2006 - 2.4.0 Initial release of version 2.4. Fixed bug of not properly going to the next right note from a new untouched note.

12/10/2005 - 2.3.1 Per application session, last folder path viewed is now logged for easy returning to after switching to another memory card and back. Fixed soft resets on Treo 650 devices when there is an incoming call while in List view. Fixed soft resets on LifeDrive devices when selecting unsupported file type from List view upon entry of the application.

12/02/2005 - 2.3.0 Initial release of version 2.3.

10/25/2005 - 2.2.0 Initial release of version 2.2.

10/01/2005 - 2.1.3 Fixed resets when sending .bmp with VersaMail on Treo 650 and LifeDrive.

9/30/2005 - 2.1.2 Improved support for DIA (Dynamic Input Areas).

9/28/2005 - 2.1.1 Fixed resets on LifeDrive devices when exiting writing view with screen fully expanded.

9/27/2005 - 2.1.0 Initial release of version 2.1.



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