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Ever tried using your Palm to manage time but gave up trying because you ended up having to spend too much time managing it?

Ever wished you could have the ease-of-use and efficiency of paper organizers but still have the availability and mobility of PDAs and smartphones?

Still resorting to the good ol' memory to keep track of your day-to-day events, except that now
that good ol' memory isn't so good anymore?

Not using your Palm for keeping track of your day-to-day events, because for you
it just takes too much work to enter something in?

Do you own a Palm device, but currently your're not using it?

Want to get more use out of your Palm?

Need a reason to keep that Palm?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you should at least download and give CalenNotes™ a try.  It's all about "simplicity" and doing the minimal to stay productive.  Here at Pennovate™, we've learned that if a product is too difficult to use, very few people, if any, will continue to use it.  

If you really want something quick and easy to use, simply to write down appointments and todos at an instant's notice so that your Palm can be your personal information bank, explore our website, watch our demos, download our products, and give them a spin.  You might find out something you never knew could be done on a Palm.  You might bring new life to your Palm.  CalenNotes™ is available as a first 15-days fully functional FREE trial and just $24.99 thereafter!



Handwrite your appointments and tasks directly on your Palm using patent pending technologies!

There's no fuss when you handwrite your appointments and tasks.  What you see is what you get! With Pennovate's writing and navigation technologies, writing on a Palm might even be faster and is definitely more convenient than writing on paper!

The basic idea and beauty of CalenNotes™ is that every date will have it own number of appointments and tasks.  Each date will have it's own appointment counter and task counter.  Therefore, all you need to do is write in your appointments and/or tasks, update the appropriate counters, and keep track of them using the Month view.  It's that simple!  You will always know how many appointments and how many tasks you still need to complete for any given day, just by looking at the Month view.



Set your own pagesizes!

Don't like our default pagesize for your dated day notes? Set your own!



Built-in File Explorer!

Our browser-like file explorer makes navigating through your files and folders a snap! Even better, it fully supports the 5-way navigator buttons!  It also allows you to create and delete folders!  Dated day notes are automatically created and saved in a hierarchical order directly on your memory card.  You can navigate through your dated day notes using the Month view or the List view.  You decide!



Easily transfer your information to your PC!

Use your Palm to create your dated day notes and have them automatically filed away directly on your memory card and in hierarchical order.  Pop the memory card into your PC and presto!, all your notes are displayed just as how you had it on your Palm. No additional software required!

Want to send your notes over to your PC wirelessly? No problem. CalenNotes™ supports Bluetooth, IR beaming, and email directly from within the application.



Got a High Res+ (320x480) device?

No problem, we've got you covered with our full screen writing support so there's no wasted space!



CalenNotes™ is a Palm™ Education Solution.
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